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Can a tile roof be installed with solar panels?

  • 2022-06-15 17:11:23
When you are preparing to install a Home solar power system in your home, there are many factors that will determine the unique design and cost of your cxmsolar solar system. Various roof types require different installation procedures. For example, lightweight tile roofs present unique challenges and considerations for solar installers. Here are a few things you need to know before adding solar power to your tile roof.

What is unique about a solar installation on a lightweight tile roof?

Cement and clay tile roofs, sometimes called Spanish tiles or terracotta tiles, are common in the western and southwestern United States. Have you ever tried walking over your tile roof to complete repairs or maintenance? Chances are, you may have damaged some of these tiles in the process, as they are brittle and break easily.

Attempting to mount solar panels directly on a lightweight tile roof is not advisable. While they can withstand harsh weather well, these tiles are not designed to withstand the stress of extra stress. Breaks or cracks can occur during solar installation, which can compromise the integrity of the roof and cause leaks and other damage to your home. Drilling through these tiles can also damage the underlying layer of the roof, called a liner, which is used to provide extra protection under the tiles or shingles.

Some solar installers will choose to remove individual tiles and replace them with special tile replacement brackets. While this method may work for heavyweight tiles, there are still risks associated with lightweight tiles that are not removed. If this installation method is used and the solar panels are installed successfully without damaging the tiles, there is still a chance of problems. Because lightweight tiles are fragile, vibrations from wind passing between the panels and the racking system located on top of the tiles can lead to future accidents.

How to install solar panels on a tile roof?

The preferred technology for installing SunPower's high-efficiency solar panels on lightweight tile roofs is called embedded solar installations, sometimes referred to as "comp-out." This process will add extra steps and costs to your solar project, but will give you long-term durability and help prevent potential damage to your home.

During this process, roofing professionals remove the existing tile roof from the area where the solar panels will be installed and place new composite shingles in their place. The transition is reinforced with sheet metal called flash and seal to ensure the roof is completely waterproof.

Next, solar experts mounted the solar array on the composite shingle surface. Unintentional damage to composite shingles that can cause roof damage is unlikely, especially compared to unintentional damage to fragile lightweight shingles.

After the solar installation is complete on composite shingles, the area around the solar array will be filled with the previously removed tiles. This creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance for solar arrays built into the roof.
As a homeowner, you may find that some installers of traditional solar systems continue to install solar panels on tile roofs without compensation. However, that doesn't mean you should keep using this solar installation method. Remember, these solar panels will last in your home for many years. That's why cxmsolar offers homeowners a residential solar system with a 20-year industry-leading warranty.
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