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  • 2020-07-02 10:50:31
Solar panels are the star of residential solar systems. When they tell the world or at least the neighborhood, they shine on the roof. This homeowner is very concerned about the environment in order to reduce the family's carbon footprint while subtly reducing electricity bills. The panel has gained glory, but like every star, the panel will not appear without a supporting actor. In this case, the supporting cast is a key infrastructure consisting of inverters, racks and monitoring systems. These important parts of the solar system help to make the power available, connect the system to the roof, and let you know the health of the system.

Solar Inverter: From DC to AC If it is not used for inverters, then solar panels will be useless to homeowners. Once the solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into direct current, an inverter is needed to convert the electrical energy into something more useful, especially alternating current. This is why it is so important: DC (direct current) power is a low-voltage power source and flows in one direction. The AC (alternating current) power source moves forward and backward along the wire, can vary between high voltage and low voltage, and can be more easily sent over the wire over long distances. Solar panels provide direct current. Most households and businesses in the United States use AC power. Therefore, one or more inverters depends on what the homeowner chooses for his solar system.

Solar mounting system: maximizing energy production. Regardless of the weather, your solar panels must be firmly placed on the roof. That's where the solar panel installation system comes in.

The installation cost of the roof may vary depending on the type of roof and its substructure, solar array design, and typical wind and snow conditions.
Generally speaking, roof installation is more complicated than ground installation or pole installation. However, residential installations are often roof installations because this is the largest and largest net space on the property. The roof mount is a fixed mount, which means that the panel will not move with the sun.
However, the installation system (also known as the rack system) can not only fix your solar panels in place at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. The bracket determines the alignment of the solar module with the sun. The better the panel arrangement, the higher the power generated.

Monitor the performance of solar panels
Solar panels are silently engaged in the work of collecting sunlight and generating energy, which makes it difficult to tell how efficient they are. If the panel on the string inverter is shaded, the entire string will be affected and will not produce the energy you expect. Unless you want to wait until the utility bill brings you bad news, the monitoring system will be invaluable.
The monitoring system can help you measure and track the electricity generated by the system, and identify and promptly solve any performance problems, thereby maximizing the power generation capacity of the solar system.

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