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  • 2021-10-20 11:51:19
"Go green" is a popular phrase that covers various actions we can take to reduce our environmental impact. For households and businesses, electricity is one of the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint of real estate. Fortunately, switching to solar energy is a good way to achieve green environmental protection.

Experts predict major events in green energy; solar capacity is expected to double in the next five years, and wind energy is expected to increase to more than 400 GW of installed capacity by 2050. At the same time, maintaining a leading position in the solar market means keeping up with technological progress, policy developments and economic current events. Basically, you need all the help you can get to stay up to date.

How does solar power system work?
In order to better understand how the collection and use of solar energy affect the environment, let us first return to the working principle of solar panels. This is a quick video that explains how sunlight turns into electricity:

Solar panels, also called photovoltaic panels, are responsible for capturing solar energy and converting it into usable electricity. They consist of smaller units called solar cells, which are made of semiconductor material, usually silicon.

When sunlight shines on this material, it causes light particles or photons to hit free electrons, creating an electric current.

Although solar panels do not have to be in full sunlight to capture light, solar panels work better in sunny places.

An electric field must be established to make the panel work. This is achieved by using other materials (such as boron and phosphorus) in combination with silicon to generate positive and negative charges. PV cells are composed of monocrystalline silicon (higher efficiency and higher cost) and polycrystalline silicon (lower cost but lower efficiency).

Why is green energy important?
Traditional energy sources such as coal and crude oil generate large amounts of carbon emissions and other pollutants. This is a well-known cause of climate change and pollution-one only needs to look at the smog-shrouded city to see its impact. This pollution can also cause respiratory problems. In addition, these energy sources are non-renewable-which means that the limited supply will eventually be exhausted. Green energy such as solar energy avoids all these problems.
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