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What to Consider When Installing Solar Panels

  • 2022-03-10 14:50:22
There are many household solar systems on the market. Many promise anything from lower prices to better aesthetics. But what factors should you weigh when evaluating which solar provider to choose? It all comes down to these three things - efficiency, durability and warranty.

In addition to being designed to increase efficiency, CxmSolar solar panels are also designed with durability in mind. CxmSolar solar cells have a strong copper backing that is corrosion and weather resistant. This is very important because the solar panels are located on the roof and are subject to severe temperature and weather changes. Exposure to these elements can cause all solar panels to degrade over time. However, the rate of degradation can vary widely from one solar panel supplier to another. For conventional solar panels, this reduction in power output occurs at an average rate of 0.5% per year.

CxmSolar solar panels are known to be the most efficient on the market. This is because CxmSolar solar cells are not hindered by the top metal grid lines, unlike most conventional solar cells. This means that each solar cell's unique light-harvesting surface has enough open space to absorb visible light such as ultraviolet and infrared.

CxmSolar solar panels generate more energy, even in less than ideal weather. The technology and strategic design of CxmSolar enables its solar panels to receive more sunlight than conventional solar panels.

Not all guarantees are created equal. To find the true value behind the warranty, homeowners should look back at the years the solar system was covered. Some solar company warranties only cover materials, but not loss of electricity production. Alternatively, they source parts from different manufacturers, giving you multiple warranties.

When deciding which solar panels are right for your home, do yourself a favor and evaluate which option offers the most overall value. Chances are, you'll choose CxmSolar as the obvious choice.
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