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Common problems of photovoltaic power plants

  • April 02, 2021
1. In order to prevent the photovoltaic modules from being hit by heavy objects, can the photovoltaic array be equipped with a wire protection net?

Answer: It is not recommended to install a wire protection net. Because the installation of wire protection nets on the photovoltaic array may cause partial shadows on the components, forming a hot spot effect, and affecting the power generation efficiency of the entire photovoltaic power station. In addition, since qualified photovoltaic modules have passed the ice hockey impact test, it is generally not necessary to install a protective net.

2. How to choose qualified system accessory products and how long is the warranty period?

Answer: It is recommended to choose the system accessories products that have passed the certification of the national approval certification body. The key components and raw materials models, specifications and manufacturers should be consistent with the certified products. In addition, the specifications, models and technical parameters of all system accessories should match the design of the entire system. Generally speaking, components require a warranty of at least 5 years, and inverters require a warranty of at least 2 years.

3. If the grid is out of power or other failures occur, can the household distributed photovoltaic grid-connected system still operate normally?

Answer: After the power grid is out of power, the household distributed photovoltaic power generation system generally quits operation and cannot generate power normally. However, in some extreme cases, islanding may occur, that is, after the power grid is out of power, the household distributed photovoltaic power generation system still continues to operate with part of the load, affecting the personal safety of maintenance personnel, and may damage household appliances and grid facilities. Sex. Therefore, the distributed photovoltaic system must have anti-islanding function.

4. Does poor grid power quality affect the photovoltaic power generation system?

Answer: Grid quality issues such as excessive grid voltage and abnormal frequency will cause the inverter to shut down, and the system will automatically recover after the grid recovers.

5. How stable is the photovoltaic power generation system? Will it fail in a few years?

Answer: It is recommended to choose components of reliable brands. They have passed the authoritative monitoring certification around the world, passed the salt spray and ammonia corrosion resistance test, and have excellent low-light environment power generation performance. After 20 years of use, the power generation performance of the module can still maintain more than 80%.

6. What are the requirements for the surrounding environment for the installation of rooftop photovoltaic power generation systems?

Answer: There are large dust pollution sources around the photovoltaic power generation system, heavy sand, heavy smoke, etc., which affect the use of light, which will lead to a decrease in power generation.

7. Will there be insufficient power when it is cold in winter?

Answer: The power generation of the photovoltaic system is indeed affected by temperature, but the impact is very small. The factors that directly affect the power generation are the radiation intensity and sunshine and the working temperature of the solar cell components. In winter, the temperature is relatively low and the duration of sunshine will be short, so generally the power generation will be less than in summer, which is also a normal phenomenon.

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