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  • May 18, 2021
Household solar systems Case:
Household solar systems
Residential solar system advantages:
1. Safe and reliable, no noise, no radiation, no fuel consumption, no mechanical rotating parts, low failure rate and long life;

2. Environmentally friendly and beautiful, not restricted by geographic location, short construction period, random in scale, easy to disassemble, easy to move;

3. Ready to use, low cost of disassembly and damage, can be easily combined with buildings, no need to pre-embed high transmission lines, which can avoid the damage to vegetation and the environment and engineering costs when cables are laid over long distances;

4. With stable voltage and high power quality, Household solar systems is widely used in various electrical equipment. Solar systems is very suitable for rural, farm, mountain, island, highway and other remote places. It is also a very excellent emergency backup power supply.
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