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Photovoltaic sun room project

  • May 17, 2021
Nowadays, people's living standards are getting better and better, and people will enjoy life more. Many people have built sunshine rooms at home, and they are more interested in installing photovoltaic sunshine rooms.

Compared with ordinary sun room, what are the advantages of photovoltaic sun room?
1. Cost saving: Since the roof of the sun room itself requires glass or wood structure, if the photovoltaic double-glass module is used instead, it will not only save the cost of roofing materials, but also produce certain economic benefits. It generates electricity for its own use and saves an air-conditioning fee, which is not available in traditional cooling methods.

2. Control the room temperature: The outdoor temperature is low in winter, and the photovoltaic product itself will generate a certain temperature during the power generation process, so that the indoor temperature will not be too low. In summer, the photovoltaic module has a certain shielding effect and converts light energy into electrical energy. So that the temperature inside the house will not be too high.

3. Extremely beautiful: The roof of the sun room adopts a certain degree of light-transmitting photovoltaic modules, which will be very beautiful.

What are the requirements for the selection of materials for photovoltaic solar houses?
The sun room must have the characteristics of light transmittance. In the selection of components, double-glass light-transmitting components are generally selected for installation. Double-glass modules are double-sided glass crystal silicon solar cell modules. As a new type of building material, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, controllable light transmission, and energy-saving power generation.

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