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Why choose solar photovoltaic power generation?

  • April 02, 2021
Advantages of solar photovoltaic power generation

1. The solar energy will not produce pollution that endangers the environment during the conversion process.
2. Solar energy resources are spread all over the world and can be exploited in scattered and regional areas. About two-thirds of our country can make better use of solar energy resources.
3. Photovoltaic power generation is intermittent. It only generates electricity when there is sunlight, and the power generation is directly proportional to the strength of the sunlight.
4. Photovoltaic power generation is static operation, no moving parts, long life, no or very little maintenance.
5. Photovoltaic systems are modularized and can be installed in places close to power consumption. In areas far away from the grid, it can reduce transmission and distribution costs and increase the reliability of power supply facilities.

Solar power generation is mainly divided into two systems: on-grid and off-grid power generation. The on-grid power generation system is the direct current generated by solar modules is converted into AC power that meets the requirements of the mains grid through a on-grid inverter and then directly connected to the public grid. Due to the advantages of small investment, fast construction, small footprint, and large policy support, it is the mainstream of on-grid power generation at present.

Off-grid solar power generation systems are systems that exist independently of the power grid. It is widely used in remote mountain areas, areas without electricity, islands, communication base stations and other applications.

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