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Home solar power generation systems are gaining popularity

  • April 02, 2021
Although solar power generation is affected by day, night, rain, and seasons, it can be carried out in a distributed manner. Therefore, it is suitable for each household to generate electricity separately, and it must be connected to the power supply network so that each household can sell it when the electricity is abundant. The power company can buy from the power company when it is insufficient. The technology to achieve this is not difficult to solve, the key is to have corresponding legal protection. Developed countries such as the United States and Japan have enacted corresponding laws to ensure the benefits of households that use solar power and encourage households to use solar power.

Japan has realized the interconnection of the solar power system with the power grid of the power company in April 1992, and some households have begun to install solar power equipment. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan has implemented a system of subsidizing two-thirds of the cost of purchasing solar power generation equipment for personal homes in 1994. It is required that 1,000 households in the first year and 70,000 households in 2000 are equipped with solar power equipment.

According to estimates by Japanese authorities, if 80% of Japan’s 21 million individual homes are equipped with solar power generation equipment, 14% of the country’s total electricity needs can be met. If solar power is also used in factories and office buildings, solar power generation Will account for 30%-40% of the national electricity. The most important factor hindering the popularization of solar power generation is the high cost. In order to meet the electricity needs of ordinary households, the 3 kilowatt power generation system requires 6 to 7 million yen, not including the installation wages. Relevant experts believe that solar power can be truly popular when it is reduced to at least 1 million to 2 million yen. The key to reducing costs is that solar cells improve conversion efficiency and reduce costs.

Not long ago, Texas Instruments and SCE announced that they have developed a new solar cell. Each unit is a small bead less than 1 mm in diameter. They are densely and regularly distributed on soft aluminum foil, just like many silkworms. The egg is close to the paper. There are 1,700 such units distributed over an area of approximately 50 square centimeters. The characteristic of this new battery is that although the conversion efficiency is only 8%-10%, the price is cheap. Moreover, the aluminum foil backing is soft and strong, can be folded freely like cloth and durable, and can generate electricity when hung in the sun, which is very convenient. It is said that using this new solar cell, the equipment with a power generation capacity of 1.5 to 2 US dollars per watt, and the cost of each kilowatt-hour of electricity can also be reduced to about 14 cents, which can completely compete with the electricity generated by ordinary power plants. Every family hangs this kind of battery on the sunny roof and wall, and can get one to two thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity every year.

Home solar power generation systems are becoming more and more popular, can save energy, and are encouraged by the government.

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