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About avoiding the fire hazards of solar panels

  • 2021-09-27 16:58:32
Will solar panels catch fire?

Solar panels pose a very low fire hazard. In fact, Photon magazine records no more than 1 event per 10,000 installations. Therefore, houses equipped with correctly installed solar panels will not catch fire.

When manufacturing solar panels, they are specifically designed to withstand extreme weather, and in some cases, after a hurricane destroys the roof of a house, the solar panels are still installed on the roof. Solar panels can withstand snow, high winds, hail and high temperatures. But it can be said with certainty that solar panels are not fireproof. If your home catches fire, you will most likely lose the solar panel installation.

You will want to make sure that the solar panels will not cause a fire. Manufacturers are constantly improving their solar panels. This includes ensuring that their solar panels comply with building and fire protection codes and will not cause wildfires.

First of all, solar energy itself does not catch fire.
However, if a photovoltaic installation fails, some of its components may become flammable.

The following problems were found in rare solar panel fires:

Poorly installed panel.
Poor connection (sensor, junction box).

So how to avoid the risk of photovoltaic panel fire?

Professional installation team
If you want to reduce the risk of a solar system catching fire, the best thing you can do is to work with experienced solar installers and have a reputation for quality work. Your installer should have all the appropriate permits required by your state or city government to ensure that they know what they are doing and are a trustworthy business. Industry certification is also an important indicator that their workforce is well-trained and educated.

Electric shock and burns
When entering a house surrounded by flames, professionals should pay attention to the live wires hanging on the solar panels. If you come into contact with these wires, it may deliver high voltage to the heart, causing injury or death. Many people recommend turning off the main power before entering a burning building.

In a small, concentrated fire, professionals can turn off the inverter of the solar panel on the meter box. Then they can turn off the circuit breaker, eliminating the current flowing through the home. When a major fire occurs, professionals should not turn off the power supply.

If the house is engulfed by flames, it may be dangerous to get close to the meter box. Touching the system may cause electric burns. When electric current enters the human body, it converts electrical energy into heat energy. This leads to thermal combustion of internal organs and tissues. Firefighters should assess the severity of the fire before touching the meter box to protect themselves.

Disconnect solar panels immediately in the event of a fire
To avoid the risk of electric shock, the panel must be disconnected as soon as possible. The fire and rescue responders on site will handle this operation.

Let us consider a situation where a solar installation catches fire at noon after a fire on the roof. At this point, as long as there is sunlight or light and the panels remain connected, the system will continue to generate electricity.

How to deal with this emergency situation? First, the solar panels should not be watered under any circumstances before they are disconnected. To protect the intervention of firefighters, the installation must be closed as close to the panel as possible:

In the DC part, that is, the side powered by solar panels, a built-in automatic shut-off device is installed on the equipment according to the requirements of DIN VDE 126-1-1.
In the AC part, that is, the side supplied by the grid, there is an isolating switch in the AC protection unit.

In general, for most people, the risk of your solar power system causing a fire is small, not enough to shut them down to install solar. It is no more risky than any other electrical system in your building. As long as you work with trusted and licensed cxmsolar solar professionals, you don't have to worry.
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