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Relationship between solar number score and home solar power system

  • 2021-11-02 10:09:11
The Sun number score is the result of a collaboration between Sun Number and Zillow. Sun Number received an incubator grant from the Solar Technology Office (SETO). This score is designed to give potential home buyers an in-depth understanding of the solar energy potential of the property. Raise public awareness of the solar power system potential of buildings through a scoring system. You can enter your address to determine your score, and you can also understand the amount of energy that can be saved by using solar energy.

Today, more than 84 million households in the United States have solar number scores on Zillow, and more than 110 million buildings are listed directly on the Sun Number website.

The importance of the solar number score
Solar number scores are important because they represent the feasibility of adding solar panels to buildings-this is a must for existing homeowners considering the use of solar energy and those who wish to purchase houses and install solar panels Less information.

Although square feet, yards and decks, multiple stories, etc. are factors that many people consider when looking for a house to buy, the requirements for solar number scores are getting higher and higher. Zillow now lists the solar number scores for approximately 84 million homes, treating the scores as important information for home buyers.

If homeowners plan to sell or rent their homes in the future, a higher solar number score also represents greater potential power savings and increased property value.

The solar number score of a family is a calculation of the efficiency of its use of solar energy. It is scored on an overall scale from 1 to 100 (100 means high efficiency).

The following is a breakdown of the key components that make up the Sun Number total score:

Regional climate: The amount of sunlight shining on the roof of a house directly affects the power generation of solar panels. Sun Number takes this into account through their regional climate scores. To calculate the regional climate score of the house, Sun Number uses solar irradiance data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The more sunlight an area receives, the higher its regional climate score. .

Building solar energy: This figure is calculated based on the solar energy potential of the building. It looks at the design of the roof and measures its inclination, direction, and size of the roof plane. This number also takes into account the amount of shadows your roof/house receives throughout the year.

Solar cost: This figure is an estimate of the average cost of installing solar panels in your home. If the cost of installing solar panels is low, this number will be high.

Electricity fee: This figure is a calculation of the average electricity cost of the region-the higher the electricity cost, the higher the figure. If this number is high, it means that solar panels may be a good investment to reduce the cost of homeowners.

Regardless of whether your solar number score is at the low end or the high end, you have the option of buying solar panels for home or business.

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