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Should a solar off-grid system be used?

  • 2021-09-07 17:38:08
Off-grid solar system installations in remote areas are usually the first thing people think of when considering the use of solar energy. Although it is definitely not suitable for everyone, DIY off-grid solar energy is for those who live in remote areas, do not have reliable and affordable grid access, and want to live a self-reliant lifestyle without monthly utility bills or those who are capable. It is a good solution for people to plug in power during a power outage.

Off-grid solar systems use batteries to store the energy produced by solar panels. Because you will completely rely on your own solar installation to meet all your energy needs, the size and design of the system must be able to meet the various needs throughout the year, especially in winter when there is less sunshine. Off-grid systems are ideal for those who want to take the DIY route, because you are not connected to the grid. But before you start, you definitely need to teach yourself. The key components of each off-grid solar installation include solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and inverters. We strongly recommend that you take the time to read all the different components and how to plan and adjust your system to keep it efficient for years to come.

Advantages of off-grid solar systems:
1. Unable to connect to the public grid
Off-grid solar systems may be cheaper than extending power lines in some remote areas.

If you are more than 100 yards away from the grid, please consider leaving the grid. The cost of overhead transmission lines ranges from US$174,000 per mile (rural construction) to US$11,000,000 per mile (urban construction).

2. Realize energy self-sufficiency
It feels good to stay away from the grid and be self-sufficient. For some people, this feeling is more valuable than saving money. Energy self-sufficiency is also a form of security. A power failure on the utility grid will not affect the off-grid solar system.

On the other hand, the battery can only store a certain amount of energy, and when it is cloudy, connecting to the grid is the real safety. You should install a backup generator to deal with these situations.

Off-grid solar home systems can reduce carbon footprint: Relying on renewable energy is a greener and more sustainable way of life and travel. Click on cxmsolar to learn more about solar energy.
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