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6 Misunderstand about solar power

  • 2021-09-03 09:59:02

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Solar energy has become one of the best sources of renewable energy and has always been a hot topic in energy discussions. Although many of these discussions are helpful, there are also some common misconceptions about solar energy. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the four most common myths about solar energy that you may have heard of.

Myth 1: Solar panels do not work in cold snowy weather or cloudy weather.

Fact: Solar panels can work in sunny, cold or even cloudy environments. Solar panel technology allows them to work efficiently and more efficiently at colder temperatures than at warmer temperatures. In addition, cloudy weather will not inhibit the efficiency of solar panels; they can be a viable source of electricity because they can still generate enough electricity. Even on a cold, sunny winter day, it can generate electricity equivalent to that of a hot summer day. Examples of countries where such systems are efficient are Germany (the world leader in solar panels), the United Kingdom, China, and Italy.

Myth 2: Solar panels will not pay for themselves

If you ask anyone who has installed solar panels, they will most likely notice a significant reduction in electricity bills. Not surprisingly, those who noticed large savings are usually also more aware of how much energy they used and when they used it. These energy-conscious people are usually a bit smart and use energy-intensive appliances during the day. Things such as dishwashers, washing machines, pool pumps, and hot water systems can be set on timers to maximize "own use" of solar energy. Preheating or cooling your home can also be an effective way to increase self-use, instead of sending excess solar energy back to the grid with little return.

Myth 3: Solar panels are not so "green"
This view is aroused from time to time, but there is no tangible data to support it. The data does show that the emissions of solar panels are much lower than those of coal or natural gas energy.Since solar panels need to consume all energy in advance, the overall emissions seem to be greater than the actual emissions. However, when dispersed for more than 30 years of emission-free power generation, they proved to be much cleaner than ordinary alternatives. Even considering the energy used to mine, clean, process, and manufacture solar panels, the overall emission intensity is 3 to 10 times lower than that of traditional fossil fuels.
According to data from the US Department of Energy, in addition to the emission advantage, the energy payback period of solar panels is about 2 to 3 years. This is about 40% faster than the rate at which a standard coal-fired power plant can return its energy.

There are no shortcomings in any energy production method. Solar energy has many positive and negative effects on the environment.

Myth 4: Solar panels need a lot of maintenance
Some people think that in order for your solar panels to generate electricity, they need to be constantly cleaned, which in turn can be annoying, and some may say that it is costly.
However, the fact of solar energy is that solar panels require little maintenance throughout the year. Everything depends on your area. If your location is dusty or salty, you may need to clean the solar panels more frequently (perhaps every two or three months). However, if your location is dust-free or close to an industrial activity area, then you can clean the solar panels every six months.

In addition, the costs associated with maintenance are almost zero, because all that is really needed is water and dish soap.

Myth 5: Solar panels can hurt your roof

Not when installed correctly. In fact, in many cases, solar panels can actually extend the life of the roof. Professional installers are trained to use well-tested techniques, special materials and tools to handle almost all types of roofs. These tools are designed to maintain roof integrity and prevent leaks. Learn more about the installation process and how we ensure that your solar panels will not damage your roof.

Myth 6: If we can use clean coal, why invest in solar energy?

Fact: Solar energy is a cleaner energy source than "clean coal" because coal is not really clean. Coal is one of the dirtiest fossil fuels. Since the top of the mountain was blasted and left a pool of black mud in its path, coal mining is the cause of many health problems. The more coal we burn, the greater our damage to the environment, because it will increase the content of mercury and smog, and further increase carbon pollution, which will have a more devastating impact on the environment.

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