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  • 2021-07-12 10:44:28
Are you tired of camping with a noisy, fuel-guzzling generator? Then mobile solar system are the right solution for you. Mobile solar system allow you to generate solar energy during the journey to provide clean energy.

Trailer-mounted solar generator

Trailer-mounted mobile solar system are ideal for construction projects, charging mobile phones and other electronic devices, agricultural applications and special events. Many catering suppliers rely on electrical systems installed on trailers to keep food warm or cold. This method is preferable to traditional generators, which are very loud and produce toxic fumes that can disrupt special events. For festivals and art fairs, mobile photo voltaic systems can power supplier booths, concession booths, and portable toilet facilities. In the construction industry, many contractors use their photo voltaic panel trailers for dual tasks, adding lock-in tool storage and even small portable office functions.

Solar power system for entertainment

Whether you own a large RV or a moderate tent trailer, you can choose the perfect photo voltaic system to meet your needs. If you plan to travel in a motorhome, do you really want to take the generator and all the fuel you need with you? of course not! With the photo voltaic potable solar system installed on the roof, you no longer have to worry about the generator making loud and odorous sounds. Portable solar system can even be used for outdoor tent camping. Being able to power the entire campground, you will never be in the dark. Do you prefer to show off? Use solar power system to power your TV, game system, and camping stove. If your car battery is dead, don't worry, solar technology is here!

We custom design and build portable and home solar power system, potable solar power system and solar inverters. in various sizes and ranges. Contact us now and let us help you start using your own mobile solar power system.
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