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How to build a home off-grid solar system

  • 2021-07-16 11:25:38
A complete home off-grid solar system is a system that has all the necessary equipment to generate, store and supply solar energy on site. Since off-grid solar systems do not need to be connected to any external power source to operate, they are also called "independent solar power systems." Next, this blog will tell you the steps to install a home off-grid solar system.

1.Calculate total electricity demand
Start by listing all the devices you plan to use and the number of hours you will use each device. This allows you to calculate the power consumption of each device, as well as the total power consumption in a day.

Knowing how many kilowatt-hours will be used in a day, you can determine the size of the solar panel array and solar cell storage.

2.Choose battery storage capacity according to load
Next, you need to decide how much energy storage you want. Do you want to cover a day's usage, or do you want to have additional backup capacity?

When it comes to solar battery backup, the rule is usually that you need enough storage space to cover at least 2-3 days of use of the highest use time of the year.

3. Choose a solar panel

The solar panel you choose should be able to fully charge the battery you choose in one day. This part can be a bit tricky, because the amount of sunshine depends largely on geographic area, time of year, and many other factors. Nevertheless, regardless of the location, it is safe to assume that the panel will receive 4 hours of sunlight on average.

4.Design a system 

Figure out the dimensions of these three key components (solar panels, inverters, and battery storage) are usually large enough for solar equipment suppliers to customize a complete complete off-grid solar kit for you.

We hope that the instructions we provide can help you set up an off-grid solar system. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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