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How to make your home more energy efficient

  • 2021-08-25 17:26:14
What is energy efficiency? We define it as using less energy—and therefore paying less money—to achieve the same level of comfort in the home. It uses less and less, and now this means using technology as much as possible, because it changes your behavior and uses less energy. Using energy and water more efficiently can not only reduce your monthly utility bills, but also reduce the load on our power grid and water supply system, and help protect the environment. Home solar power systems are also one of the ways to save energy.
1. Kitchen
If you buy an electric oven on the market, look for an electric oven with an induction cooktop, which usually consumes about 30% less energy than standard coils. If you like hot drinks, please buy an electric kettle to boil water faster and more efficiently.
When cooking, make sure to follow energy-saving tips, such as using appropriately sized cookware for the burner and the most energy-efficient appliances you have (such as a microwave or toaster instead of a traditional oven, if possible). Maintaining and cleaning your equipment properly can also help. For example, when there is no food residue on the inner surface, the microwave oven will work more efficiently. If the bottom of the pots and pans are scrubbed clean, their heat conduction effect will be better and energy saving.

2.Solar panels

You might guess that we prefer solar panels as a way to reduce energy costs and increase the value of houses. In addition to helping protect the environment and protect you from rising energy costs, we also see solar energy as another way to use technology to reduce energy costs without compromising your comfort.

3. Efficient electronic products
Certified office equipment can reduce energy use by up to 75%. (Link is external) Consider replacing your desktop computer with a more efficient laptop, which saves energy.
On the other hand, adults working remotely or following TV news all day long, watching streaming content or playing video games with children, may cause your electricity bills to soar. Encourage children to watch TV, play videos, and play video games together to minimize the number of devices used throughout the day. Let them participate in board games, crafts and outdoor games as much as possible-this is a great choice to keep your mind and body busy and social (even with annoying siblings!).
4. Lighting
Anything related to indoor climate control will definitely account for most of your total energy bill, but the cost of lighting is not trivial, accounting for 10% or more of the average bill! Take a few minutes to eliminate those old incandescent bulbs and switch to LED bulbs.
5. Do laundry
Get the most energy-efficient load by lowering the water temperature, using ecological settings and running only full loads of clothes. In terms of drying, if possible, try air drying. It will save energy and reduce the wear and tear of clothes. If you can't air dry, don't worry. There are many other measures you can take to improve efficiency, such as ensuring that the dryer filter is clean and running the load continuously to use waste heat.
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