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How to decide the direction of home solar panels

  • 2021-08-06 15:49:21

Solar panel placement direction:

The placement and orientation of solar panels is as important as which type of solar panel is used in a particular situation. In order for a solar panel to reach its peak power generation capacity, the panel must face the correct direction and have an appropriate inclination based on its geographic location and weather data. When the sun's rays illuminate its surface vertically in the highest intensity of sunlight and the longest time, the solar panels will use the most energy.


How to determine the direction of solar panels in the northern and southern hemispheres:

When locating solar panels, geographic location is critical, and in the northern hemisphere, solar panels should face due south, and in the southern hemisphere, they must face due north.


Optimal placement of solar panels:

Usually, achieving perfect verticality of the sun's rays is the best direction so that the solar panels can receive direct light throughout the day. However, according to the University of Calgary, depending on how the solar panels are used, a slight rotation may also be beneficial. By providing this slight rotation to the panel, our system will be able to generate more power when needed. For example, pointing the panel slightly to the southwest in the direction of the setting sun can allow the panel to generate more energy at night, when people are at home and use more electrical appliances.


Direction is not the only factor in solar production

Although installing solar panels facing south is usually the best option in the northern hemisphere, it is important to consider other obstacles that may affect solar production. Other obstacles to solar production may include:

High tree cover/shade

Large buildings or other houses

There is not enough available installation space on the roof

A steep roof


When preparing a custom solar system design for your home, we will consider these additional obstacles and how it affects your solar production potential. In situations where rooftop systems may not provide the most efficient production, ground-mounted systems may be possible.

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