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Install and use solar syestem in summer

  • 2021-08-13 15:16:01
The way of solar power system works is simple: solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, the wires on the solar panels connect to the inverter, and the inverter converts the direct current (direct current) power into the alternating current (alternating current) power that your appliances can use.Therefore, more electricity is generated on a sunny day than on a cloudy day.
Summer is the peak of the year for your panels. As the sun shines on us, it is time for your panels to absorb all the light.

Why do solar panels produce less energy in winter?
Shorter days-winter days are significantly shorter than summer days. This means that the solar system will run less time per day, so the average energy produced per day is less.
Atmospheric conditions-Winter not only provides a lot of stormy weather and cloud cover, but also the impact of snow on the panel after the storm. In the case of thin snow cover, the system is usually still able to open and output a small amount of energy. However, a large amount of snow on the panel will prevent the system from converting energy for several days until the panel is cleared.
The angle of the sun-The effect of shorter days is the fact that the angle of the sun also changes drastically in winter. During the winter months, even if it peaks around noon, the position of the sun in the sky is much lower. For most residential roofs, this means that the directness of the sun's rays on the solar panels will be less than in summer. This will result in a reduction in the power output of the system, which will also have a direct impact on energy production.

Why summer is the best time to install solar panels is that this is the peak period of power generation?
This is thanks to the longer average days, which means that your panels have more sunlight that can be converted into free electricity. This means that your home solar power system will generate the maximum amount of electricity, which is usually much more than the electricity you can use at home, so you will have more extra electricity delivered to the grid. This is the extra points you can deposit with the electricity you get from the grid at night.

Summer is also the most power-consuming time of the year, so your panel will be able to offset the more energy you use, which means you will save more.

As children go home from school and some special occasions on the calendar (Independence Day, Labor Day, holidays), general electricity consumption will increase due to the increase in cooking, celebrations and social activities.

By installing home solar system now instead of waiting any longer, you can offset some or all of the electricity costs that you might end up paying this summer and beyond.

You can improve the performance of summer solar panels in a few steps
Make sure your system is working properly.
Check the panel regularly.
Make sure to trim the trees.
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