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How to extend the life of solar panels

  • 2021-07-23 15:22:14

Using solar power system is the best way to transition to clean, sustainable energy, while also significantly reducing your monthly utility bills—or even eliminating them altogether! There is more good news. The service life of solar panel installations is surprisingly long. In fact, most solar panels will last an average of 25 years before they start to deteriorate, and most solar panel manufacturers provide a standard 25-year warranty to protect them.


Due to the degradation ofsolar panels, the production guarantee of most panels will change with aging. Manufacturers usually guarantee 90% of panel output until the first ten years. Ten years later, in the remaining 15 to 20 years, the percentage will fall back to 80%. After the end of the system's service life, your panel can continue to generate electricity.


What causes the degradation of solar panels?

There are many factors that cause the degradation of solar panels, but many of them are concentrated on things that are difficult to control-the weather.

 A common way of microcrack formation is through thermal cycling. When the weather is warm, almost everything will expand. When the weather is cold, things shrink. Solar panels are not immune to this. It is this constant back and forth that puts them under pressure and creates those small cracks.

Similarly, strong winds can cause panels to bend-also known as dynamic mechanical loads. However, as long as your solar system is installed by an expert and you are using high-quality panels, this should not be a major factor in degradation. Extremely cold and hot weather, humidity, snow and ice will also slowly degrade solar panels, as do solar system components with different voltage potentials.

 How to maintain the efficiency of solar panels in the next few years?

1.Cooperate with reputable solar energy companies. A trusted solar installer will have many years of experience, not to mention the enthusiastic reviews from previous customers. They will also have an impeccable customer service record-this is a must when you promise to make such an important purchase.

2.Ask your installer to check your panel regularly. We inspect cars regularly, why not do the same inspection on solar installations? It is recommended to perform cleaning and inspection once a year to ensure that your installation is operating at peak performance. You need to have a professional inspect it instead of doing it yourself, because if you accidentally scratch or damage any panel, it may invalidate your warranty.

3.Keep the panel clear. During the installation process, the solar company you choose to work with will ensure that no trees may drop branches on your panels. Nevertheless, you still need to ensure that during the entire life cycle of the system, your solar panels do not have any snow, branches, or debris that may affect its efficiency.

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