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2000W 48V Household Off-grid Solar Power Solution

This complete 2000w solar power solution is professionally designed to maximize efficiency and output.

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2000W 48V Household Off-grid Solar Power Solution

The 2000W 48V off-grid solar system is a power solution for owners who have micro, mobile, small remote or even semi-permanent installations. This system is usually used to power common household appliances, such as: high-efficiency refrigerators, mobile phones, tablets and laptops, lights, TVs, fans, washing machines, machines, etc.

This household solar power solution is equipped with some of our best quality products; it includes four polysilicon solar panels and an inverter-a smart combination of high-efficiency solar controllers, pure sine wave inverters and 4 storage batteries, and is integrated In one unit.

2000W Solar Power Solution Specifications:
MPPT Solar Charge Controller:

Multifunctional protection

Pure sine wave output, full power

100% uninterrupted power

Default battery system voltage (VDC) 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC
Inverter Output Rated power 2000W
Surge rating (20ms) 6000W
Capable of starting electric Motor 1HP
Wave form Pure sine wave/ Same as input (AC mode)
Nominal output voltage RMS 110/120VAC 220/230/240VAC(±10RMS)
Output frequency 50Hz60Hz±0.3Hz
Inverter efficiency(Peak) >85%
Line mode efficiency >95%
Typical transfer time 8ms(Max)
Solar Charge Controller Max solar charging current 30A,40A,50A,60A,80A
Voltage 12V,24V,48V,96V
Max PV input power 12V-30A:360W,12V-50A:600W,12V-60A:720W,12V-80A:960W,12V-100A:1200W,12V-120A:1440W
PV array MPPT voltage range 12V:18V-100V,24V:36V-130V,48V:72V-160V,96V:144V-280V
Peak conversion efficiency >99%
Other Mounting Wall mount
Display LCD+LED
Cooling fan Intelligent fan cooling system
Audible noise <60dB
Coommunications RS-232,SNMP,WI-FI,Dry Contact(Optional)
Operation temperature range -10℃~50℃
Storage temperature -10℃~60℃
Protection Over load protection Rated power over 110%,shut down automatically
Temperature protection Built-in temperature sensor real-time induction, ,≥85 alarm, ,≥85 shut down the whole machine
Short circuit protection Automatic Shutdown
Battery Low battery protection 10VDC±0.3V (12VDC),20VDC±0.3V (24VDC),40 VDC±0.3V (48VDC),80 VDC±0.3V (96VDC)
Low battery cutoff 10.5VDC±0.3V (12VDC),21VDC±0.3V (24VDC),42 VDC±0.3V (48VDC),84VDC±0.3V (96VDC)
High Battery alarm 15VDC±0.3V (12VDC),30VDC±0.3V (24VDC),60 VDC±0.3V (48VDC),120 VDC±0.3V (96VDC)
High Battery protection 16.5VDC±0.3V (12VDC),33VDC±0.3V (24VDC),66VDC±0.3V (48VDC),132VDC±0.3V (96VDC)

Solar panels:

Polycrystalline Solar panels *4

Maximum output power (Pm)


Best working voltage (Vmp)


Best working current (Imp)


Open circuit voltage (Voc)


Short circuit current (Isc)


Maximum rated fuse current


Maximum system voltage





About 22.5KG

Conversion efficiency


Power deviation




Service life

More than 25 years


Maintenance-free battery *4

Battery Type

Valve-controlled maintenance-free gel battery








About 56KG


Solar Panel Parallel Head

1 pair

Anti-reverse diode

2 pcs



Battery series line


Solar panel connection line


Host connection line


Can bring electrical appliances within 3000W
  • Water heater (1000W): Use alone for about 9.6 hours
  • Rice cooker (800W): Use alone for about 12 hours
  • Microwave oven (700W): Use alone for about 13 hours
  • TV (300W): Use alone for about 32 hours
  • Water pump (800W): Use alone for about 12 hours
  • Kettle (1500W): Use alone for about 6 hours

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Leave A Message

    Enter details about your solar energy needs and we will get back to you as soon as we can. ( Whatsapp: +86 18559227773)

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