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History about Solar Power

  • 2021-08-20 17:32:45
Solar energy system is not a product of modern times. As early as the seventh century BC, people discovered and used solar energy.After the first discovery in 7 BC, the Greeks and Romans quickly adopted the ability to use the sun's rays to make fires, and could do anything from lighting a torch to lighting a wooden boat as a combat exercise. Later, China also began to use these Greco-Roman "burning mirrors" to light fires.
The sun room was invented in ancient times to capture solar energy to obtain its natural warmth. These normally south-facing rooms capture and concentrate sunlight from the famous Roman bathroom to Native American adobe and are still popular in many modern homes today.
A legend in the history of the Greek sun is that the scientist Archimedes set fire to the wooden ship of the Roman Empire. Legend has it that he used a bronze shield to reflect the light energy of the sun, concentrating the light and attacking enemies before they landed.
This has been the status quo for centuries. It was not until the dawn of the industrial revolution in Europe and the United States that solar energy made a major leap.

In 1839, the French physicist Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect while experimenting with a battery made of metal electrodes in a conductive solution. 2 He pointed out that when the battery is exposed to light, it generates more electricity. Little did he know that his discovery would lay the foundation for solar energy.

Later in 1873, Willoughby Smith discovered that selenium could be used as a photoconductor.

Only three years later, in 1876, William Grylls Adams and Richard Evans Day applied the photovoltaic principle discovered by Becquerel to selenium. They record that, in fact, when it is exposed to light, it can generate electricity.

1883-The first solar cell with an efficiency of 1% comes out
By 1883 (as early as 700 BC), mankind knew that sunlight could be used as an energy source. But how can we capture this energy?

1901-The first solar panel patent in the United States
Nikola Tesla has obtained a US patent for "Methods and Devices for Utilizing Radiant Energy"-also known as solar panels!

1954-The birth of photovoltaics
David Chapin, Calvin Fuller and Gerald Pearson of Bell Labs in the United States are known as the world's first photovoltaic solar cell. More specifically, these people built the first device that converts sunlight into electricity. They later increased the conversion efficiency from 4% to 11%.

The history of solar energy brings us to this day. For those early people who are just beginning to understand the amazing power of the sun, its progress seems unfathomable. Major buildings around the world have adopted solar power systems in some way, including the Eiffel Tower, the Vatican, the skyscrapers Bryant Park One and Times Square 4 in New York City, and even the world’s tallest building, Dubai Burj Khalifa .

Equally important is that technological advances have made solar energy available to the homes of millions of people. A strong and efficient residential system should include solar modules, also called panels, which collect sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC); an inverter that converts direct current to alternating current (AC) for use in the home; a permanent The shelf system supports the roof module in structure; and the monitoring system that can easily track the energy generated by the photovoltaic solar power generation system.

The cumulative impact of increased commercial and residential solar use cannot be underestimated. The more we can rely on solar energy, the less we need to use fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. Renewable energy such as solar energy is more beneficial to the environment on a global scale, and is an important weapon to deal with climate change. The history of solar energy is important, but its future is also important because it can truly change the world.
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