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  • Residential solar panel system
    • July 02. 2020

    Solar panels are the star of residential solar systems. When they tell the world or at least the neighborhood, they shine on the roof. This homeowner is very concerned about the environment in order to reduce the family's carbon footprint while subtly reducing electricity bills. The panel has gained glory, but like every star, the panel will not appear without a supporting actor. In this case, the...

  • Best solar panel kit for your house
    • June 08. 2021

    Want to be self-reliant in your little house? Solar power system may be the key to meeting your energy needs! Fortunately for us, living in a solar house has never been easier. Advances in recent decades have made photovoltaic technology cheaper and more widely available than ever before. But before you take out your wallet, you need to figure out two things. Grid-Tied or battery pack Do you want ...

  • Why do we use home solar systems
    • June 25. 2021

    With the progress of society, our demand for electricity is increasing. When the weather becomes extremely cold or extremely hot, the energy consumption of household appliances or the company's electricity becomes very expensive. So alternative energy solar energy has appeared. To use solar energy, you need to install a home solar system. In the past few years, residential solar panels have gained...

  • How to build a home off-grid solar system
    • July 16. 2021

    A complete home off-grid solar system is a system that has all the necessary equipment to generate, store and supply solar energy on site. Since off-grid solar systems do not need to be connected to any external power source to operate, they are also called "independent solar power systems." Next, this blog will tell you the steps to install a home off-grid solar system. 1.Calculate total electric...

  • Removal and installation of portable solar systems
    • July 30. 2021

    Since you cannot predict when the storm will hit and the lights will go out, there is no harm in making a backup plan and investing in one or more portable solar power systems. Also known as solar backup generator or emergency solar generator, the portable solar power system allows you to restart and run, but you also need to pay attention to the uninstallation and installation of solar panels. Th...

  • History about Solar Power
    • August 20. 2021

    Solar energy system is not a product of modern times. As early as the seventh century BC, people discovered and used solar energy.After the first discovery in 7 BC, the Greeks and Romans quickly adopted the ability to use the sun's rays to make fires, and could do anything from lighting a torch to lighting a wooden boat as a combat exercise. Later, China also began to use these Greco-Roman "burnin...

  • How to make your home more energy efficient
    • August 25. 2021

    What is energy efficiency? We define it as using less energy—and therefore paying less money—to achieve the same level of comfort in the home. It uses less and less, and now this means using technology as much as possible, because it changes your behavior and uses less energy. Using energy and water more efficiently can not only reduce your monthly utility bills, but also reduce the load on our po...

  • Should a solar off-grid system be used?
    • September 07. 2021

    Off-grid solar system installations in remote areas are usually the first thing people think of when considering the use of solar energy. Although it is definitely not suitable for everyone, DIY off-grid solar energy is for those who live in remote areas, do not have reliable and affordable grid access, and want to live a self-reliant lifestyle without monthly utility bills or those who are capabl...

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